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Pseudoreso - This allows you to use a resolution of 1300x700

Version Hack - Play with 1.11b on Closed Realms


Only working programs with patch 1.12a! -




Claw ShopBot 1.3

Claw is an act5 shop bot that works mainly with Anya, you MUST have the red portal still open to use it.

-Fixed problem with shopping at other Shops other than Anya and Gambling with Claw Loaded but not running(I hope)
-Added "ForceSockets" to ClawItems.ini (Set to 1 to force a set number of sockets, instead of it being a minimum value, see explanation below)
-Changed Prefix/Suffix/Skill be NoN-CaSe SenSiTIVE (you can put lowercase or uppercase, it doesn't matter now) HOWEVER, ItemName is STILL CaSe SenSiTiVe
-Greatly optimized the way it compares items and looks for matches (No longer checks everything if one check fails, it simply moves on to the next item) It should now be MUCH faster at in each cycle.
-Changed Logging to show all of the stats of the item it's finding matches for, so now you can see the Prefix, ItemName and Suffix stats of the items it's looking at when it finds matches.
-Fixed a minor spelling issue with Quhab's (they were Qhab's instead of Quhab's)

More info and download here: Claw ShopBot

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