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lolwut maphack

By emjay

This is basically a ripoff of stings hackmap lite. It uses the same technique as his lite version. since i didnt know what is needed for making a working mh, i tried to reverse stings version and even looked at his/mousepads source (i also looked at mc gods code so credits go also to him)

It's a simple reveal act maphack so i will never add more functions.

lolwut maphack 0.3b (no dll injection) with source
lolwut maphack 0.2a (no dll injection)
lolwut maphack 0.1b (no dll injection)
lolwut maphack source

1) Start ripoff.exe
2) Start your D2 client(s)
3) press END to reveal it when in game
4) press F12 to close the console window
5) insert profit meme here

Other Hotkeys: F12 closes lolwut HOME locks/unlocks the Mouse to the active window, so you cant click beside the d2 window if youre playing in -w. its nothing new (ClipCursor();) but i wanted to get rid of some progs so i added it to lolwut.

Version history:
readded TheAces GetLevelPointer fix now it should reveal everything (again), toggle restrict mouse hotkey added
improved SuspendThread for added security, fixed some (all?) crashes.
added SuspendThread/ResumeThread it should be more secure now
major update, injecting functions directly rather then an array of opcodes, fixed the worldstone keep bug. Thanks to TheAce
added multiclient support, optimized the code
Init release


Sting (its based an his source)
Cthulhon (structs)
Mc God (structs)
Zoxc (Teaching me how to retrieve the length of my functions, and also alot of the delphi structs used)
Netter (thread-id pointer)
TheAce (GetLevelPointerFix)
Everybody on EoN (its a ripoff)

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