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by TheAce

This version Beta 2 works with Vista and without D2Loader aswell.

gMap v0.1 Beta 2 with source
gMap v0.1 Beta 1 with source

- McGod: Original DLL code on which gMap's DLL is based almost entirely
- Everyone who helped McGod (see DLL source)

Reveals current map only. The loader will find all your Diablo II windows and let you choose which one to inject. In case it only finds one, it will auto-inject. Works on XP/Vista, D2Loader/Game.exe

v0.1 Beta 2:
- Added Game.exe support (now works without D2Loader).
- Added in-game check (so D2 doesn't freeze if you open the loader while not in a game).
- Added SeDebugPrivilege (for Vista support).
- Added a bunch of error checks and "clear" error messages.
- Reduced size from 600 Kb to around 130 Kb. Visual Studio was a true bitch when optimizing the DLL.
v0.1 Beta 1:
- Initial version

How it works:

1) The loader selects the window to reveal the map on.
2) It then opens the process with all privileges (uses SeDebugPrivilege for this).
3) It freezes all threads within Diablo II.
4) It copies a little injection code inside Diablo II's memory, then runs it by hijacking one of the previously frozen threads and resuming it.
5) That code loads the DLL, which checks if Diablo II is inside a game and reveals the current map.
6) When done revealing the DLL will automatically unload.
7) The loader waits for the DLL to unload completely and then resumes the rest of the threads.

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