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Spam filter

Spam filter for channels / whispers / game

Bugfix for corpses in uber leveling. Mephisto's skeletons do not get removed after they die, even though they are invisible. This causes massive amounts of invisible units to be rendered, causing lag and graphical glitches.

This plugin ensures the corpses are properly removed, reducing CPU and graphical load. As a side effect, the corpses become untargetable for corpse explosion or similar spells. Uses code patches, so highly detectable. Untested for 1.12.

SpamFilter v1.3

Account blacklisting - any account on the internal blacklist will be unable to communicate with you via whispers or chat channels. You can press a single key
to add highlighed users to the list as well as setup automatic filters. To add a user account to the blacklist, click the user's portrait and press F1. To remove, press F2.

Spam / text filter - blocks and optionally blacklists any messages containing the text of your choice. See config section below for more information on how
to set this up.

De-dupe - removes duplicate messages from the chat channels. Each account has previous message history kept and duplicates within 90 seconds of each other are removed. This helps keep the scrolling to a minimum. Dupe whispers are also filtered.

Non-D2 filter - ignores any messages that aren't from Diablo II accounts. This will stop the "open character" spam bots or bots that are logged in using different product codes (eg Starcraft).

Flood protection - some kiddy flooding you with whispers? Not any more. Flood activity is blocked and the account blacklisted with minimum disruption.

Verbose output. Want to see what spamfilter is up to? Press F3 to toggle verbose mode. Note that you can only toggle verbose mode in the chat channel,
even though it will also cause output in-game.

Whitelisting - if you run your own non-spamming channel bots, you can add them to a whitelist so they will never be filtered, eg by the open characters
filter. F4 / F5 control adding accounts to the whitelist in the chat channels as with blacklisting.

In-game spambot filter - the same filters that apply to the chat channels and whispers also apply in game. Since chat messages are not sent with account
information, spambots that are in the game prior to your joining will not be as effectively blocked as ones that join after you have joined.

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