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Only working programs with patch 1.12a! -



Since Mc God has released a collisionsmap i see no sense to keep this private.

It supports most of the vectors.
Setup the hotkeys you like in the config.
This plugin is able to run combined with MMHack, because i use different screen hooks.

Ah, yes its a D2loader plugin!

Credits included in the text file, if i may forgot someone let me know!
I Updated all of the structs/ptrs myself except the preset struct, sheppard
gave it to me.

Here's a keylist in hex codes, means you must enter "0x" before the value!

AutoTeleport v1.6
AutoTeleport v1.5
AutoTeleport v1.4b
AutoTeleport v1.4
AutoTeleport v1.3

Verion History:

1.6 -- Hopefully fixed the auto enter bug.
Reworked the map generation part of the collisionsmap to safe performance.
Added a info line while you autoteleport.
Added a button in your inventory screen(?).
Added Antiflash.
Cleaned the code abit up.

-- Language fix.
Added few vectors.
Added new vector type "Previous".

1.4b -- Nhila fix.

1.4 -- Removed plugin description from screen.
Enters next level automatic.
Added few vectors.
Skill check before teleport.
Changed screenhook location of the vector box.

1.3 -- Release

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