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LeechBot(Baal) Beta 0.2

Requirements :
-You MUST use English version of Diablo II else it wont work!
if you dont got English version get D2Loader and add this parameter to it: -locale "ENG".

-Leech Bots Diablo2 window MUST be called: Diablo II
If you want to change the window name add this parameter to d2loader: -title "Diablo II".

-Your Character MUST start in ACT5

-you must fill out the ini:

CharacterName ="CHARNAME"
AccountName ="ACCOUNTNAME"
PortalCommand ="safe"
MessageBeforeEnter ="~ .:Enter TP:. ~"
GamePassword ="xx"
DelayBeforeGameJoin =1500

CharacterName = The CharacterName the bot gonna to follow. Must be in your Friendlist!
AccountName=The AccountName the bot gonna to follow. Must be in your Friendlist!
PortalCommand= If the bot receives this command he joines up the CharacterNames tp!
MessageBeforeEnter=Just an message before entering the tp, if you wont use it leave it blank.
GamePassword= Password from Game, first time bot trys to join without password, if game needs password he trys again with pw.
DelayBeforeGameJoin= when the bot receives the game the AccountName entered wait some millisconds before enter. on faster computers it can be lower value on slower maybe higher value. 

Get Started:
Join with the character you want to leech in a channelroom.
Join with the Character/Account entered in the ini a Game or Create one!
Bot will follow you and auto party all players ingame.
Make a tp in throne with NON Bot char and say the command from the .ini so the bot joins the tp.
If NON Bot char leaves the game, bot leaves too.
can be combined with a Baalbot!
please report if there are some bugs etc
works minimized 

added Password game support.
bot party ups with you if reqouested.


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