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Claw ShopBot

Claw 1.3 by Zeiris (edited by TK_Inc0rperate)

Claw is an act5 shop bot that works mainly with Anya, you MUST have the red portal still open to use it.

There's 2 ini files now, Claw.ini and ClawItems.ini (both belong in the REDVEX folder, NOT the plugins folder) -- Claw.ini is strictly settings, delays, and logging. ClawItems is the new ini for inputting items that you want to buy.

Claw ShopBot 1.3
Claw ShopBot 1.3 (open source)
Claw ShopBot 1.1a (edited/updated) (open source)

Claw is an act5 shop bot that works mainly with Anya, you MUST have the red portal still open to use it.
In this edited version, you will not have to edit items out and recompile it every time, just edit the items in the Claw.ini.
It is HIGHLY recommended that you have a merc while using this plugin, just in case the monsters come to life.

Without the edited Claw.ini, your bot WILL NOT buy any items, it has to say yes in the Claw.ini to buy it.

1) Join a game (prefered private).
2) Go to Anya (I prefer to clear out nihla's temple before starting the bot).
3) Type .claw when you are ready to start it (the rest is said from the plugin).
4) Click on Anya.
5) Wait a second, then click on the red portal.
6) Leave to work, school, or whatever and come back and look at what you got.

-Fixed problem with shopping at other Shops other than Anya and Gambling with Claw Loaded but not running(I hope)
-Added "ForceSockets" to ClawItems.ini (Set to 1 to force a set number of sockets, instead of it being a minimum value, see explanation below)
-Changed Prefix/Suffix/Skill be NoN-CaSe SenSiTIVE (you can put lowercase or uppercase, it doesn't matter now) HOWEVER, ItemName is STILL CaSe SenSiTiVe
-Greatly optimized the way it compares items and looks for matches (No longer checks everything if one check fails, it simply moves on to the next item) It should now be MUCH faster at in each cycle.
-Changed Logging to show all of the stats of the item it's finding matches for, so now you can see the Prefix, ItemName and Suffix stats of the items it's looking at when it finds matches.
-Fixed a minor spelling issue with Quhab's (they were Qhab's instead of Quhab's)

v1.2 (edited by Unknownforce)
-Greatly Modified ini support to accept input from the new ini file from ClawItems.ini
-Changed the way it logs a bit.
-Added "DebugNewIni" (explained below)
v1.1a (edited by TK_Inc0rperate)
-Added .Ini support to edit the items wanted in Claw.ini (Sorry, only change)

v1.0 (Initial release by Zeiris)
-Release to public by Zeiris, works great.

I (TK_Inc0rperate) take absolutely no credit for creating this shop bot, I only edited it.
The original work was ALL done by Zeiris.

Here's a little explaining on the new ClawItems.ini from UnknownForce

ClawItems.ini explained:

Code: Select all

This is the new layout for entering items to buy. The top line "item1" can be anything you want to call it. (myitem, 5lsclaw, 3wcstick, omgzwtfz1, ANYTHING)

The next line is "ItemName" This is the name of the item EXACTLY as it appears in game that you wish to buy, (War Gauntlets, Glaive, Archon Plate, etc.) Nothing special, just make sure it matches case and is spelled correctly. If you want it to buy ALL items with the Prefix/suffix/skill/sockets you specify(regardless of item type) you may enter "Any" And it will automatically declare every item it processes to be a match for the "ItemName" check. Again... ItemName IS CaSE SenSiTiVE. But that shouldn't be a problem because all you gotta do is look in game as to how it's spelled and what's capitalized.

The Suffix/Prefix/Skill entries are a bit more complex, unfortunately. They must conform to the entries in Suffixes, Prefixes, and Skills as they are listed in the games inner text format. Therefore "of Balance" would be just "Balance" because that's how the game sees it, or Lightning Sentry has to be "LightningSentry" (without the space) because again, that's how the game sees it. So it's still as easy as typing it into the ini, but just have to either cut off some chars or remove spaces most of the time. There aren't too many where there is a significant difference from the in game name and the way the game sees it. Prefix/Suffix/Skill are NOT CaSE SenSiTiVE. You can type in all lowercase or all UPPERCASE or RaNDoM CasE and it will work for them all, EXCEPT for "Any" ("Any" must have a capital "A" and lowercase "ny")

Also, some of them are duplicates or have numbers added to the ends of them, like listed above (Balance2) This is not an issue 99% of the time, it automatically searches for the exact text you enter in the appropriate field. Therefore, if it comes from the game as Balance2 or 3 or 4 or whatever, as long as you have "Balance" in your entry it will see it as a match, regardless of the number at the end. I don't know how many that are duplicated that have different stats, but I'm sure the number is minimal. So that's why I say 99%.

You also have to be careful using this. It uses a method by searching the text "Balance2" for "Balance" so if you type in "Ba" in the field instead of "Balance", it will see it as a match as well as anything else that has "Ba" anywhere in their name. so for this example it would would also find "Bat" to be a match.(Mana leech) So like I said, as long as you type in the whole thing and not just a little bit, it will work 99% of the time, There's only a select few that don't match they're exact names (1 I have found so far is Artisan's (3 sockets) is actually "Artificer" in the game text, so you would need Artificer in the Prefix line for it to match.)

For any field that you want to leave as a "wild-card" simply enter "Any" (except for MinSkillLevel, Sockets and ForceSockets, those only take numbers.)

MinSkillLevel and Sockets are just numbers. MinSkillLevel is the minimum skill level of the skill you set in the "Skill" line. So if you want it to buy ALL claws with the skill Fade on it with a minimum of 2 to Fade, you would set the skill line to "Fade" and the MinSkillLevel to 2. It will also buy them if they have +3 to Fade as well. Same thing with the sockets. It will buy 4 socket items if you set sockets to 3, but since Jeweler's can only be 4, setting the prefix to jeweler's and the sockets to 3 would only buy 4 socket items.

ForceSockets is a way to make it so that you only get the number of sockets you specify in the Sockets field. So if you set ForceSockets to 1, and you set Sockets to 3, it will ONLY count items as matches that have 3 sockets, and not 4, or if you set Sockets to 2 and ForceSockets to 1, it will only look for 2 socketed items and not accept 3 or 4 sockets as matches.

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